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7 weeks ago jbe Added tag v3.1.0 for changeset a9c4521466e6default tip
8 weeks ago jbe Absolute first supporter quorum (in addition to admission_rule/holdoff_time mechanism)
8 weeks ago jbe Draft for an alternative mechanism to the first (issue) quorum
2 months ago jbe Fixed v3.1.0 update script to properly update policies/issues with "polling" set to TRUEv3.1.0
2 months ago jbe Fixed error in update script to v3.1.0
2 months ago jbe Require "min_admission_time" to be smaller than or equal to "max_admission_time" in "policy" table
2 months ago jbe Update script for v3.1.0
2 months ago jbe Added parenthesis in constraint "admission_time_not_null_unless_instantly_accepted"
2 months ago jbe Shortened constraint names to be less than 64 characters long
2 months ago jbe Removed "initiative"."discussion_url"
2 months ago jbe Removed deprecated API tables
2 months ago jbe Re-added removed deprecated API tables (already accidentally removed in previous commit)
2 months ago jbe Added "min_admission_time"; Renamed "admission_time" to "max_admission_time"; Added parenthesis (trouble with operator precedence in PostgreSQL 9.5 alpha2)
6 months ago jbe Added tag v3.0.5 for changeset fbb49f35b4e1
6 months ago jbe Fixed error in demo.sql file (missing "polling" column in INSERT statement for "contingent" table)v3.0.5
6 months ago jbe Added support for storing external references (opaque data field) to "unit", "area", "issue", "initiative", "draft", and "suggestion" tables
10 months ago jbe Code cleanup: write single occurrence of "if" in upper case ("IF")
18 months ago jbe Added tag v3.0.4 for changeset f5c78b0590c6
18 months ago jbe Delete authority_* information from members in functions "delete_member" and "delete_private_data"v3.0.4
18 months ago jbe Added data structures to support externally managed accounts (e.g. LDAP)
19 months ago jbe Added tag v3.0.3 for changeset 785ea3c0fd18
19 months ago jbe Removed old notice in update/core-update.v3.0.2-v3.0.3.sqlv3.0.3
19 months ago jbe Improved previous fix of "close_voting" function
19 months ago jbe 2 bugfixes: Error in core-update.v2.2.6-v3.0.1.sql fixed; Always set "initiative"."first_preference_votes" (also if no votes are found)
19 months ago jbe Added missing information on "lf_update_issue_order" to README file
19 months ago jbe Added tag v3.0.2 for changeset 603f6e4bbedf
20 months ago jbe Bugfix in "close_voting" function that only affected PostgreSQL versions prior 9.1v3.0.2
20 months ago jbe Updated update script to include previous bugfix
20 months ago jbe Bugfix in tie-breaking: Type for worst possible link strength must be "link_strength", not "INT8"
20 months ago jbe Update script to v3.0.2 added
20 months ago jbe Re-added experimental "no_reverse_beat_path" feature for next minor version (provides backward compatibility)
20 months ago jbe Code cleanup regarding new tie-breaking
20 months ago jbe Implemented tie-breaking according to chapter 5 of schulze1.pdf (draft, 2 July 2012)
20 months ago jbe Use a composite type of two INT8's to describe the strength of a link for the Schulze method (necessary for tie-breaking of the links); Removed "no_reverse_beat_path" option
22 months ago jbe Generalized comment on "defeat_strength" function
22 months ago jbe Separate configuration options for "defeat_strength" and "tie_breaking"
22 months ago jbe Work on configuration of complexity of counting of the votes (extent of tie-breaking):
22 months ago jbe Added tag v3.0.1 for changeset 044a2b65c707
22 months ago jbe Added tag v2.2.6 for changeset eaba9174d117
22 months ago jbe Merged from v2.2.6: Marked "no_reverse_beat_path" and "no_multistage_majority" as experimental; Disabled "no_reverse_beat_path" by defaultv3.0.1
22 months ago jbe Marked "no_reverse_beat_path" and "no_multistage_majority" as experimental; Disabled "no_reverse_beat_path" by defaultv2.2.6
22 months ago jbe Bugfix for battle data reconstruction in update script
22 months ago jbe Reconstruct battle data in update script to avoid future data loss when executing "clean_issue" to delete voting data
22 months ago jbe Added update script to introduce "first_preference_votes"
22 months ago jbe When marking first preferences, use JOIN via "initiative" table due to missing index on "vote"."issue_id"
22 months ago jbe Calculation of "first_preference" votes
2014-01-31 jbe Added tag v3.0.0 for changeset 399dc1a86398
2014-01-31 jbe Marked version as v3.0.0v3.0.0
2013-12-23 jbe "schulze_rank" includes tie-breaking by "id"
2013-10-14 jbe Proportional Runoff for issues both based on single areas and single units
2013-10-14 jbe Secondary sorting key for issues in admission phase
2013-10-14 jbe core.sql: Removed "order_in_open_states"
2013-10-14 jbe lf_update_issue_order.c: Replaced occurences of "suggestion" with "issue"
2013-10-14 jbe Removed algorithm to calculate "order_in_open_states"
2013-10-14 jbe Added TODO regarding a bug in lf_update_issue_order.c
2013-10-13 jbe lf_update_issue_order.c: Insert "issue_order" rows for all issues in the area
2013-10-13 jbe Fixed syntax error in SQL command in lf_update_issue_order.c
2013-10-12 jbe Improved comments/debug output in lf_update_issue_order.c
2013-10-12 jbe lf_update_issue_order deletes stale entries in "issue_order" that may arise due to missing referential integrity
2013-10-12 jbe Remove referential integrity from "issue_order" table to avoid performance/locking issues

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