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4 hours ago jbe First part of refactoring JSON library (use LUA_REGISTRYINDEX with lightuserdata keys instead of C closures)default tip
9 hours ago jbe More documentation in JSON library; Implement json.isnull(...) through json.type(...) == "null"
11 hours ago jbe Some code cleanup and documentation of JSON library
25 hours ago jbe Added pairs metamethod for (sparse) JSON objects
29 hours ago jbe Implemented ipairs metamethod for sparse JSON arrays
30 hours ago jbe Added functions json.object{...} and json.array{...}
30 hours ago jbe Bugfix in json.type(...) function: Return nil if path is nonexistent, but return string "nil" if only last element is nil
30 hours ago jbe Added function json.setnull(...)
31 hours ago jbe Refactored JSON library to use shadow tables with null markers
37 hours ago jbe Extended function json.type(...) to accept two arguments, to allow return of "null"
37 hours ago jbe Make json.type return lua type if argument is not a JSON object or array
37 hours ago jbe New function json.type(...)
2 days ago jbe Implemented efficient length operator for sparse JSON arrays (that may contain null values)
2 days ago jbe Set json.metatable in JSON library for any JSON object/array
2 days ago jbe Fixed namespace problems in JSON library code
2 days ago jbe Added function json.isnull(...) to JSON library
3 days ago jbe Float parser for JSON library (non strict)
3 days ago jbe Started work on a JSON library
2 weeks ago jbe Added tag v1.2.6 for changeset b59a07b23c2b
2 weeks ago jbe Updated LICENSE filev1.2.6
2 weeks ago jbe Cleanup of Makefile.options; Removed wrong escape character in framework/bin/langtool.lua
2 weeks ago jbe Default to "lua" and "luac" binaries in Makefile.options
2 weeks ago jbe Improved Makefile for lua51/lua52; Updated version number
2 weeks ago bsw Added time protocol to trace system
5 months ago jbe allow access to cgi.post_data for usual requests
6 months ago jbe Anchor (#) support for redirect and routing
6 months ago jbe Changed default for 'truncate_count_suffix' in string.format
6 months ago jbe Better (and bugfixed) implementation of string truncating in format.string(...)
6 months ago jbe String truncating by counting Unicode codepoints in format.string(...)
21 months ago jbe Print 12:xx a.m., instead of 00:xx a.m.
21 months ago jbe Documentation of "hide_seconds" flag for format.time and format.timestamp
21 months ago jbe Backed out changeset bbfbbddf13ad (support for intervals)
21 months ago jbe Support for intervals
21 months ago jbe Bugfix in format.time(...)
21 months ago jbe Bugfix: Removed wrong "r" parameter from io.lines(...) call
21 months ago jbe Added tag v1.2.5 for changeset 4747ddffdeff
21 months ago jbe Set version number to 1.2.5v1.2.5
21 months ago jbe In case of WebMCP based URL path parsing: Allow id to also be set by "_webmcp_id" parameter
21 months ago jbe Bug fixed in request.get_param_strings()
21 months ago jbe request.get_param_strings() returns table which may be modified without side-effects
21 months ago jbe Fixed error in example webserver configurations (do not include question mark)
21 months ago jbe Fixed 404 treatment regarding _webmcp_path interface
21 months ago jbe Fixed errors in sample webserver configurations and request/__init.lua
21 months ago jbe Bugfix in function request.get_param_strings()
21 months ago jbe Bugfix in function param.get_id(...)
21 months ago jbe Updated apache.sample.conf to include simplified configuration
21 months ago jbe Removed functions param.get_id_raw() and param.get_all_raw()
21 months ago jbe URL parsing inside WebMCP to simplify webserver configuration
23 months ago jbe Bugfix in getters "midnight" and "midday" of date atom
23 months ago jbe Bugfix for :get_current() methods in atom library (missing import of "os" functions)
2012-07-06 jbe Added tag v1.2.4 for changeset a5106c0a9be4
2012-07-06 jbe Changing version number to v1.2.4v1.2.4
2012-07-03 jbe Bugfix: Disable trace system for non-cgi sessions after autoloader has been installed
2012-07-03 jbe Disable trace system for interactive (non-cgi) sessions
2012-06-28 jbe Added tag v1.2.3 for changeset 6ab448e71d66
2012-06-28 jbe Changing version number to v1.2.3v1.2.3
2012-06-27 bsw Fixed ui.anchor
2012-06-27 jbe Added ui.anchor{...}
2012-06-27 bsw Made new anchor feature working
2012-06-27 jbe Anchor support for encode.url{...}, ui.link{...} and ui.paginate{...}

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