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Removed column "interest_exists" from table "direct_population_snapshot"; Replaced function "delete_member_data" by function "delete_member"
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jbe@0 1
jbe@0 2 Setup the database:
jbe@0 3 $ createdb liquid_feedback
jbe@0 4 $ psql -v ON_ERROR_STOP=1 -f core.sql liquid_feedback
jbe@0 5
jbe@0 6 Optionally insert demo data:
jbe@0 7 $ psql -v ON_ERROR_STOP=1 -f demo.sql liquid_feedback
jbe@0 8
jbe@0 9 Compile lf_update binary:
jbe@0 10 $ make
jbe@0 11
jbe@0 12 If you wish, copy the created lf_update file to /usr/local/bin or a
jbe@0 13 similar directory. Ensure that "lf_update dbname=liquid_feedback"
jbe@0 14 is called regularly. On successful run, lf_update will not produce
jbe@0 15 any output and exit with code 0.
jbe@0 16
jbe@0 17 NOTE: When writing to the database, some INSERTs must be executed
jbe@0 18 within the same transaction, e.g. issues can't exist without
jbe@0 19 an initiative and vice versa.
jbe@0 20
jbe@8 21 To create an export file, which is containing all but private data,
jbe@8 22 you may use the lf_export shell-script:
jbe@8 23 $ lf_export liquid_feedback export.sql.gz
jbe@8 24
jbe@0 25 To uninstall the software, delete the lf_update binary
jbe@0 26 and drop the database by entering the following command:
jbe@0 27 $ dropdb liquid_feedback
jbe@0 28

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