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Version beta4

Introduced half-freeze feature: Policies can cause issues to become half-frozen for a given amount of time before becoming fully frozen for voting. When an issue is half-frozen initiatives may not modify their drafts, but creating a new initiative or removing/adding support and opinions is still possible.

Bugfix: end_of_admission snapshots are now created for accepted issues.
author jbe
date Sun Nov 15 12:00:00 2009 +0100 (2009-11-15)
parents 8d021cb5eaf4
children c8cd87b87708
line source
1 lf_update: lf_update.c
2 cc -Wall -g -lpq \
3 -I "`pg_config --includedir`" \
4 -L "`pg_config --libdir`" \
5 -o lf_update lf_update.c
7 clean::
8 rm -f lf_update

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