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Version beta15

Bugfix: Revoked initiatives will never be admitted

Possibility to recommend another initiative to support when revoking an initiative

Allow "initiator"."accepted" to be NULL (NULL means "no answer yet", while FALSE means "rejected")
author jbe
date Sun Jan 10 12:00:00 2010 +0100 (2010-01-10)
parents 8d021cb5eaf4
children c8cd87b87708
line source
1 lf_update: lf_update.c
2 cc -Wall -g -lpq \
3 -I "`pg_config --includedir`" \
4 -L "`pg_config --libdir`" \
5 -o lf_update lf_update.c
7 clean::
8 rm -f lf_update

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