age author description
18 months ago jbe Version 4.2.2 with geoindices uninstalled by defaultv4.2.2
2020-02-11 jbe Updated years in LICENSE filev4.2.0
2018-11-18 jbe Updated version number to v4.1.0; Updated years in LICENSE file
2017-03-30 jbe Updated LICENSE file
2016-05-27 jbe Updated LICENSE file (year 2016)
2015-07-18 jbe Added support for storing external references (opaque data field) to "unit", "area", "issue", "initiative", "draft", and "suggestion" tables
2014-01-31 jbe Marked version as v3.0.0v3.0.0
2013-03-09 jbe Updated LICENSE file
2012-06-20 jbe Updated LICENSE file
2011-02-05 jbe Updated LICENSE filev1.3.1
2010-02-06 jbe Changed version to "beta19-dev"; Changed year in LICENSE to "2009-2010"
2009-10-27 jbe Version beta1beta1

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