log lf_update.c

age author description
2012-03-13 jbe Delete sessions:
2011-07-29 jbe Member deactivation based on last_activity instead of last_login
2011-07-29 jbe Dropped session table (it is up to frontends to have their own session store)
2011-01-24 jbe Introduced "system_setting" table with "member_ttl" setting
2011-01-22 jbe Introduced "last_login_public" field, which is only updated after each day and does only contain date but not time for privacy reasons
2010-08-15 jbe lf_update continues on error (but still reports errors)v1.2.4
2009-11-15 jbe Version beta5beta5
2009-11-03 jbe Version beta2beta2
2009-10-27 jbe Version beta1beta1

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