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23 months ago jbe Removed transaction around ALTER TYPE for compatibility with older PostgreSQL versions
23 months ago jbe Removed column "content_type" from table "draft_attachment" (Content type is stored in "file" table instead)
23 months ago jbe Added update script to version 4.2.0
23 months ago jbe Added explicit names for text search indices
23 months ago jbe Include column "content_type" of "file" table in UNIQUE index
23 months ago jbe Referential integrity for files: Delete files when last reference is removed
23 months ago jbe Added tables "file" and "draft_attachment"
2019-08-26 jbe Bugfix in highlight function (use PostgreSQL's built-in "plainto_tsquery" function)
2019-01-10 jbe Support for hashtag search
2018-12-08 jbe Revised full text search
2018-12-08 jbe Fixed wrong constraint "initiative_ids_not_equal" on "battle" table (due to handling of NULLs in CHECK constraints)
2018-12-08 jbe Removed an index on table "initiative"
2018-12-08 jbe Reduced indices on "issue" table
2018-12-07 jbe Renamed indices on issue to match naming convention

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