age author description
2021-02-05 jbe Added code to suppress compiler warning (writing one byte into region of size 0)default tip
2021-02-05 jbe Added tag v4.2.2 for changeset 5b7c4082d7b3
2021-02-05 jbe Version 4.2.2 with geoindices uninstalled by defaultv4.2.2
2020-12-05 jbe Added tag v4.2.1 for changeset e0b8175fda29
2020-12-05 jbe Added TODO notice regarding indices on "posting"v4.2.1
2020-12-05 jbe Removed indices for timeline retrieval (removes dependency on pgConflux); Changed update script to previous version 4.2.0 to enforce particular version of pgConflux; Added update script to skip intermediate dependency on pgConflux

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