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Added MOONBR_LUA_PATH compile-time variable to allow prepending a path to LUA_PATH at run-time
author jbe
date Thu Jan 29 03:22:06 2015 +0100 (2015-01-29)
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1 Quickstart guide:
3 $ make
4 $ ./moonbridge example_application.lua
6 Hint: use bmake on GNU systems
8 Then connect to http://localhost:8080/
10 To learn more, check example_application.lua and reference.txt files. If you
11 experence any touble during compilation, please edit the Makefile to match
12 your system.
15 Further notes:
17 The moonbridge binary may be compiled with a string that gets prepended to
18 LUA_PATH in order to allow proper inclusion of "moonbridge_http.lua"
19 independent of the current working directory. Set the MOONBR_LUA_PATH variable
20 to a string consisting of the path where "moonbridge_http.lua" will be
21 installed plus "/?.lua" if you want to use this feature, e.g.:
23 $ make MOONBR_LUA_PATH=/usr/local/lib/moonbridge/?.lua

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