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7 months ago jbe Use offsetof macro at compile time to determine maximum length of local socket pathsdefault tip
8 months ago jbe Added tag v1.1.1 for changeset 5fe68ba5fe0e
8 months ago jbe Raspbian support in Makefilev1.1.1
10 months ago jbe Methods to manipulate socket buffer sizes
13 months ago jbe Added tag v1.1.0 for changeset f6154dccdab8
13 months ago jbe Fixed year in LICENSE filev1.1.0
13 months ago jbe Added tag v1.1.0 for changeset 15132b3c053d
18 months ago jbe Fixed some bugs with _call and _yield functions in moonbridge_io
18 months ago jbe Added parameter to waitfunc of asynchronous I/O functions which allows to check whether waitfunc was called for the first time
18 months ago jbe Modified non-blocking I/O _call functions to pass certain arguments (socket, mode, module) to wait function
19 months ago jbe merge
19 months ago jbe Bugfix/workaround: Do not call getpeername() when opening TCP connections in non-blocking mode
20 months ago jbe Linux compatibility: do not set sun_len
21 months ago jbe Bugfix: Properly set sun_len, sun_family, and addrlen when filling sockaddr_un struct (using maximum possible length)
21 months ago jbe Renamed HTTP "header_size_limit" and "body_size_limit" options to "request_header_size_limit" and "request_body_size_limit" (to match documentation in example code)
21 months ago jbe Fixed use of INET_ADDRSTRLEN constant (for IPv4)
21 months ago jbe Added tag v1.0.2 for changeset e4e1ad8d5ab8
21 months ago jbe Code cleanup in moonbr_io_read_cont function (avoid unnecessary lua_pushvalue)v1.0.2
21 months ago jbe Bugfix in moonbr_io_read_cont function which caused read chunks to be concatenated in wrong order
21 months ago jbe Avoid using WNOWAIT in moonbridge_io.poll(...) for Linux compatibility
2017-06-23 jbe Do not shutdown due to main thread termination when shutdown is already in progress
2017-06-18 jbe Fixed two errors in moonbridge_io.poll(...) regarding child termination
2017-06-18 jbe Code formatting
2017-06-18 jbe Throw error when polling a collected child process
2017-06-18 jbe Fixed wrong treatment of waitpid() return value in moonbridge_io.poll(...)
2017-06-17 jbe Bugfix regarding waiting for child processes in moonbridge_io.poll(...)
2017-06-17 jbe Extend moonbridge_io.poll(...) to support waiting for child process termination
2017-06-17 jbe Make moonbridge_io.poll(...) check for SIGTERM also when wakeup is forced due to TLS negotiation or closed local socket
2017-06-12 jbe Code-cleanup: removed redundancy in moonbr_initiate_shutdown()
2017-06-12 jbe Do not reuse child workers that have been SIGTERM'ed

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