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9 days ago jbe Fixed longitude wraparound for values equal to or greater than 360 degreesdefault tip
9 days ago jbe Updated C version number in latlon--0.15.sql
9 days ago jbe Created inline function for longitude normalization
9 days ago jbe Prepared file names for version 0.15
11 days ago jbe Added tag v0.14 for changeset 9da49e9278ac
11 days ago jbe Include files for new update path in GNUmakefilev0.14
11 days ago jbe Changed update path to include version 0.13
11 days ago jbe Updated version in README.mkd; Clarification in documentation regarding @> where alias for &&
11 days ago jbe Fixed wrong commutator of epoint <@ ecluster (leading to an unused shell operator of ecluster <@ epoint)
11 days ago jbe Fixed version numbers for new version 0.14
11 days ago jbe Fixed version number in documentation (v0.13)
12 days ago jbe Added tag v0.13 for changeset a5b8024ef5bc
12 days ago jbe Changed constant "FALSE" to "false" to work with newer versions of PostgreSQLv0.13
12 days ago jbe Changed year in LICENSE file
14 months ago jbe Added missing space character in README
15 months ago jbe Fixed comment on OffsetNumber (is smaller than entryvec->n)
2017-12-11 jbe Added tag v0.12 for changeset 3364e7fcdf79
2017-12-11 jbe mergev0.12
2017-12-10 jbe Bugfix in inequality operator for epoint, ebox, and ecircle
2017-12-10 jbe New version 0.12 with same C file (v0009)
2017-11-19 jbe Added tag v0.11 for changeset 133626ff7cb2
2017-11-09 jbe Include system's limits.h to avoid compiler error with PostgreSQL version 10.0v0.11
2017-09-28 jbe Code style: removed a superfluous empty line in file latlon-v0009.c
2017-09-28 jbe Minor fix in documentation regarding GeoJSON_to_ecluster function for GeoJSON indexing
2016-10-31 jbe Added tag v0.10 for changeset 20482d4309b5
2016-10-31 jbe Removed files for old version 0.9v0.10
2016-10-31 jbe Added safety margins for distance calculation on index lookups (fixes bug that caused nearest-neighbor search to fail in certain cases); Improved "fair_distance" function
2016-10-25 jbe Use the term "numerical integration" instead of "Monte Carlo simulation" in documentation and comments (since no real randomness is involved)
2016-10-25 jbe Added tag v0.9 for changeset 3293906ea6a0
2016-10-25 jbe Removed old files (no update script because data should be reimported anyway)v0.9
2016-10-25 jbe Bugfix for type casts to ecluster; New "fair_distance" function
2016-10-21 jbe Added tag v0.8 for changeset f1a9a5de9a12
2016-10-21 jbe Removed files for old version 0.7; Updated README, GNUmakefile, and control file to version 0.8v0.8
2016-10-21 jbe Bugfixes in GeoJSON_to_epoint and GeoJSON_to_ecluster functions
2016-10-20 jbe Added files for next version 0.8
2016-09-26 jbe Added tag v0.7 for changeset 604f7bbc7f9c
2016-09-26 jbe Updated README to version 0.7v0.7
2016-09-26 jbe Removed files for version 0.6
2016-09-26 jbe Added update script to version 0.7 and make version 0.7 default
2016-09-24 jbe Write Earth with capital E in README
2016-09-24 jbe Moved word in introduction of README files
2016-09-24 jbe Replaced word "geometric" with word "geographic" in README
2016-09-24 jbe Improved accuracy for distance calculation to paths/polygons/outlines
2016-09-24 jbe Added files for next version 0.7 (latlon-v0007.c)
2016-09-22 jbe Added tag v0.6 for changeset a7ba8335e541
2016-09-22 jbe Updated README to version 0.6v0.6
2016-09-22 jbe Removed files for version 0.5
2016-09-22 jbe Added update script to version 0.6
2016-09-22 jbe Bugfix: consider meridian compression when projecting points onto edges of polygons/paths/outlines
2016-09-21 jbe Added files for next version 0.6 (latlon-v0006.c)
2016-09-12 jbe Added tag v0.5 for changeset 54e207df65b7
2016-09-12 jbe Removed old files for version 0.4v0.5
2016-09-12 jbe Changed/fixed behavior of "contains" operator regarding perimeters; Added "contains" operator for ebox type; Minor changes in README
2016-09-09 jbe Added files for next version 0.5 (latlon-v0005.c)
2016-09-09 jbe Added tag v0.4 for changeset c790cf162e04
2016-09-09 jbe Corrected commentv0.4
2016-09-09 jbe Added more operators for clusters (including polygons); Bugfix regarding missing entries in ecluster_ops operator class (index was not used for nearest-neighbor searches)
2016-09-03 jbe Added files for next version 0.4 (latlon-v0004.c)
2016-09-02 jbe Added tag v0.3 for changeset 4489b4d7d9c8
2016-09-02 jbe Updated manual installation instructions in README files to match version 0.3v0.3

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