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2016-10-31 jbe Removed files for old version 0.9v0.10
2016-10-31 jbe Added safety margins for distance calculation on index lookups (fixes bug that caused nearest-neighbor search to fail in certain cases); Improved "fair_distance" function
2016-10-25 jbe Use the term "numerical integration" instead of "Monte Carlo simulation" in documentation and comments (since no real randomness is involved)
2016-10-25 jbe Added tag v0.9 for changeset 3293906ea6a0
2016-10-25 jbe Removed old files (no update script because data should be reimported anyway)v0.9
2016-10-25 jbe Bugfix for type casts to ecluster; New "fair_distance" function
2016-10-21 jbe Added tag v0.8 for changeset f1a9a5de9a12
2016-10-21 jbe Removed files for old version 0.7; Updated README, GNUmakefile, and control file to version 0.8v0.8
2016-10-21 jbe Bugfixes in GeoJSON_to_epoint and GeoJSON_to_ecluster functions
2016-10-20 jbe Added files for next version 0.8
2016-09-26 jbe Added tag v0.7 for changeset 604f7bbc7f9c
2016-09-26 jbe Updated README to version 0.7v0.7
2016-09-26 jbe Removed files for version 0.6
2016-09-26 jbe Added update script to version 0.7 and make version 0.7 default
2016-09-24 jbe Write Earth with capital E in README
2016-09-24 jbe Moved word in introduction of README files
2016-09-24 jbe Replaced word "geometric" with word "geographic" in README
2016-09-24 jbe Improved accuracy for distance calculation to paths/polygons/outlines
2016-09-24 jbe Added files for next version 0.7 (latlon-v0007.c)
2016-09-22 jbe Added tag v0.6 for changeset a7ba8335e541
2016-09-22 jbe Updated README to version 0.6v0.6
2016-09-22 jbe Removed files for version 0.5
2016-09-22 jbe Added update script to version 0.6
2016-09-22 jbe Bugfix: consider meridian compression when projecting points onto edges of polygons/paths/outlines
2016-09-21 jbe Added files for next version 0.6 (latlon-v0006.c)
2016-09-12 jbe Added tag v0.5 for changeset 54e207df65b7
2016-09-12 jbe Removed old files for version 0.4v0.5
2016-09-12 jbe Changed/fixed behavior of "contains" operator regarding perimeters; Added "contains" operator for ebox type; Minor changes in README
2016-09-09 jbe Added files for next version 0.5 (latlon-v0005.c)
2016-09-09 jbe Added tag v0.4 for changeset c790cf162e04
2016-09-09 jbe Corrected commentv0.4
2016-09-09 jbe Added more operators for clusters (including polygons); Bugfix regarding missing entries in ecluster_ops operator class (index was not used for nearest-neighbor searches)
2016-09-03 jbe Added files for next version 0.4 (latlon-v0004.c)
2016-09-02 jbe Added tag v0.3 for changeset 4489b4d7d9c8
2016-09-02 jbe Updated manual installation instructions in README files to match version 0.3v0.3
2016-09-02 jbe Add update script for updating from version 0.2 to 0.3
2016-09-02 jbe Updated README.html file (from README.mkd)
2016-09-02 jbe Introduced lossy overlap operator (&&+) and fixed ecircle overlap searches on GiST-indexed ecluster columns
2016-09-02 jbe Changed version to 0.3
2016-08-22 jbe Added tag v0.2 for changeset 9e11e9b2c0d9
2016-08-22 jbe Removed unnecessary comment in latlon.control filev0.2
2016-08-22 jbe Remove version 0.1 files (but keep update script from 0.1 to 0.2); Updated version number in manual installation instructions and include extension update script in manual instructions
2016-08-22 jbe Set executable bit of file
2016-08-22 jbe New version 0.2 and update script from version 0.1
2016-08-22 jbe Simplified approximated distance calculation on WGS-84 ellipsoid
2016-08-21 jbe Minor change in introduction of README file
2016-08-21 jbe Added tag v0.1 for changeset 3b70e93cc07d
2016-08-21 jbe Version 0.1 (initial commit)v0.1

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