age author description
2016-09-02 jbe Updated manual installation instructions in README files to match version 0.3v0.3
2016-09-02 jbe Add update script for updating from version 0.2 to 0.3
2016-09-02 jbe Updated README.html file (from README.mkd)
2016-09-02 jbe Introduced lossy overlap operator (&&+) and fixed ecircle overlap searches on GiST-indexed ecluster columns
2016-09-02 jbe Changed version to 0.3
2016-08-22 jbe Added tag v0.2 for changeset 9e11e9b2c0d9
2016-08-22 jbe Removed unnecessary comment in latlon.control filev0.2
2016-08-22 jbe Remove version 0.1 files (but keep update script from 0.1 to 0.2); Updated version number in manual installation instructions and include extension update script in manual instructions
2016-08-22 jbe Set executable bit of file
2016-08-22 jbe New version 0.2 and update script from version 0.1
2016-08-22 jbe Simplified approximated distance calculation on WGS-84 ellipsoid
2016-08-21 jbe Minor change in introduction of README file
2016-08-21 jbe Added tag v0.1 for changeset 3b70e93cc07d
2016-08-21 jbe Version 0.1 (initial commit)v0.1

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