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author jbe
date Mon Mar 23 20:22:48 2015 +0100 (2015-03-23)
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jbe/bsw@0 1 --[[--
jbe/bsw@0 2 execute.inner()
jbe/bsw@0 3
jbe@321 4 It is MANDATORY to call this function once in each pre-fork and post-fork initializer and once in each filter of a WebMCP application.
jbe@321 5
jbe@321 6 Calling execute.inner() in an initializer marks the end of initialization (the remaining code is executed when the process is terminated cleanly).
jbe@321 7
jbe@321 8 Calling execute.inner() in a filter calls the next filter in the filter chain, or the view or action, if there are no more filters following. Code executed BEFORE calling this function is executed BEFORE the view or action, while code executed AFTER calling this function is executed AFTER the view of action.
jbe/bsw@0 9
jbe/bsw@0 10 --]]--
jbe/bsw@0 11
jbe/bsw@0 12 function execute.inner()
jbe/bsw@0 13 local stack = execute._wrap_stack
jbe/bsw@0 14 local pos = #stack
jbe/bsw@0 15 if pos == 0 then
jbe/bsw@0 16 error("Unexpected call of execute.inner().")
jbe/bsw@0 17 end
jbe/bsw@0 18 local inner_func = stack[pos]
jbe/bsw@0 19 if not inner_func then
jbe/bsw@0 20 error("Repeated call of execute.inner().")
jbe/bsw@0 21 end
jbe/bsw@0 22 stack[pos] = false
jbe/bsw@0 23 inner_func()
jbe/bsw@0 24 end

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