view libraries/mondelefant/Makefile @ 402:04172238d79b

Do not require "engine" field to be set for mondelefant.connect{...}; Fixed bugs in mondelefant.connect{...} that could have crashed Lua; Shortened Lua registry key for mondelefant library
author jbe
date Wed Jan 06 02:39:50 2016 +0100 (2016-01-06)
parents 30391b40722f
children 72e55c2eb63c
line source
1 include ../../Makefile.options
3 mondelefant_native.so: mondelefant_native.o
4 $(LD) $(LDFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS_PGSQL) -o mondelefant_native.$(SLIB_EXT) mondelefant_native.o -lpq
6 mondelefant_native.o: mondelefant_native.c
7 $(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) $(CFLAGS_PGSQL) -o mondelefant_native.o mondelefant_native.c
9 test:: mondelefant_native.so mondelefant.lua
10 $(LUA_BIN) -l mondelefant
12 clean::
13 rm -f mondelefant_native.so mondelefant_native.o

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