view libraries/multirand/Makefile @ 555:16197a40c7a9

Removed -lc from flags for creating shared libraries (should no longer be necessary when using cc instead of ld)
author jbe
date Mon Feb 10 20:47:58 2020 +0100 (22 months ago)
parents 72e55c2eb63c
line source
1 include ../../Makefile.options
3 multirand.so: multirand.o
4 $(CC) $(SHAREDFLAGS) -o multirand.$(SLIB_EXT) multirand.o
6 multirand.o: multirand.c
7 $(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) -o multirand.o multirand.c
9 clean::
10 rm -f multirand.so multirand.o

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