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Make request.get_json_request_slots return nil, when running WebMCP shell (cgi is nil)
author bsw
date Thu Jul 08 19:38:36 2010 +0200 (2010-07-08)
parents 985024b16520
line source
1 --[[--
2 slot_idents = -- list of names of slots to be returned as JSON data
3 request.get_json_request_slots()
5 If the current request is no JSON request, this function returns nil, otherwise a list of names of all slots to be returned in JSON format. This function also throws an error, if JSON data was requested, but request.set_allowed_json_request_slots(...) has not been called.
7 --]]--
9 function request.get_json_request_slots(slot_idents)
10 if not cgi then return end
11 local slot_idents = cgi.params["_webmcp_json_slots[]"]
12 if slot_idents and not request._json_requests_allowed then
13 error("JSON requests have not been allowed using request.set_allowed_json_request_slots(...).")
14 end
15 return slot_idents
16 end

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