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1 --[[--
2 slot.set_layout(
3 layout_ident, -- name of layout or nil for binary data in slot named "data"
4 content_type -- content-type to be sent to the browser, or nil for default
5 )
7 This function selects which layout should be used when calling slot.render_layout() (as done by request.handler(...)). If nil is selected as layout, then no layout will be used, but the slot named "data" is used plainly. The second argument to slot.set_layout is the content-type which is sent to the browser.
9 The default layout for views is "default". Actions have no default layout, but an explicit call of slot.set_layout(...) (even with nil as first argument) during request handling will cause subsequent calls of slot.layout_is_set() to return true which indicates that content (e.g. via slot.put_into("data", ...)) is available and should be rendered instead of using the action's return value to forward or redirect the user agent.
11 --]]--
13 function slot.set_layout(layout_ident, content_type)
14 request.configure(function()
15 slot._current_layout = layout_ident
16 slot._content_type = content_type
17 end)
18 if request.is_in_progress() then
19 slot._layout_set = true
20 end
21 end

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