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19 months ago jbe Removed -lc from flags for creating shared libraries (should no longer be necessary when using cc instead of ld)
19 months ago jbe Fixed wrong order of -l options in C-compiler invocation for extos library
19 months ago jbe Support for BYTEA data type in models
21 months ago jbe Bugfix in array support: info.type may be nil
21 months ago jbe Support SameSite cookies
23 months ago jbe Suppress compiler warning regarding const qualifier of argument to execvp
23 months ago jbe Array support for more types
23 months ago jbe Basic support for database array types (integers and strings)
23 months ago jbe Further bugfixes regarding 1:1 references
23 months ago jbe Fixed wrong use of logical-or operator introduced in previous commits
23 months ago jbe Added missing lua_settop(L, 6) in previous commit
23 months ago jbe Fix handling when setting 1:1 referenced objects
23 months ago jbe Bugfix regarding 1:1 relations: allow setting one class as primary class (needed to avoid endless recursion in foreign key lookups)
23 months ago jbe Use <db_class>:get_reference(...) instead of <db_class>.references[...]
23 months ago jbe Use "cc -shared" instead of "ld -shared" to create *.so files
23 months ago jbe Add -lc to LDFLAGS to avoid weird problems on FreeBSD
2019-04-02 jbe Added tag v2.2.0 for changeset 8bb8f08d1d55
2019-04-02 jbe Fixed wrongly committed .hgtags filev2.2.0
2019-04-01 jbe Updated copyright year in footer of documentation
2019-04-01 jbe Changed version number to 2.2.0
2019-04-01 jbe Updated LICENSE file
2019-04-01 jbe Removed attr support for value container but kept bugfix from changeset a2ff42a662125a5c6b958f1c6a210382fe712308
2019-04-01 jbe Lower-case HTML tag in documentation
2018-03-12 jbe Avoid including duplicate IDs when fetching referenced records
2018-01-15 jbe Reject nonexistent dates in atom.date:new{...}
2017-12-01 jbe Fix in format.timestamp(...): deal with options set to nil
2017-11-26 jbe Updated documentation regarding /usr/sbin/sendmail default
2017-11-26 jbe Use /usr/sbin/sendmail instead of just sendmail as default

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