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10 months ago jbe Allow inheritance in translation tables using __parent
11 months ago jbe Removed if-clause when initializing file descriptor set to avoid compiler warning for mondelefant_conn_try_wait
11 months ago jbe Removed unused pointer for database connection to avoid compiler warning
19 months ago jbe Use CRLF instead of LF for terminating raw header
19 months ago jbe Add linefeed after raw_header in email
19 months ago jbe Added argument "raw_headers" to net.send_mail(...)
23 months ago jbe Fixed typo in previous commit
23 months ago jbe Only treat tables without metatable as array
23 months ago jbe Removed -lc from flags for creating shared libraries (should no longer be necessary when using cc instead of ld)
23 months ago jbe Fixed wrong order of -l options in C-compiler invocation for extos library
23 months ago jbe Support for BYTEA data type in models
2019-12-09 jbe Bugfix in array support: info.type may be nil

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