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2013-03-22 bsw Fixed wrong fields in suggestion field definitionsdefault tip
2013-03-22 bsw Updates for Core 2.2
2012-08-24 bsw Fixed error in general suggestion params
2012-08-02 bsw Fixed POST member to make it work. closes #1242
2012-08-02 bsw Pay attention to session_key submitted in POST body
2012-07-31 bsw Handle not supported HTTP request methods
2012-07-31 bsw Do not log sql debug info
2012-07-31 bsw Log HTTP request method, support HEAD requests, send status 404 for not found
2012-05-19 bsw Added missing related objects, fixed smaller bugs,
2012-02-25 bsw Replaced reserved token class by clazz
2011-11-06 bsw Optimized joins in GET /supporter (use indexed fields only)
2011-11-06 bsw Member options must work on delegating member, not delegate member.
2011-11-06 bsw Added include_members and satisfied/informed output to GET /supporter
2011-11-06 bsw Added snapshot support to GET /supporter
2011-11-06 bsw Checks for boolean must use === instead of ==
2011-11-06 bsw member.activated is a timestamp not a boolean
2011-11-06 bsw Members must be activated not active to get a session
2011-11-06 bsw Finished missing change for member_active
2011-11-06 bsw Changed member_disabled to member_active
2011-11-06 bsw Added support for delegating interest
2011-11-06 bsw Added support for delegating population
2011-11-05 bsw Updated general params to API revision 141
2011-11-05 bsw Deactivated broken disabled member filter
2011-11-05 bsw Interest without snapshot only for members
2011-11-05 bsw Fixed syntax in GET /interest
2011-11-05 bsw Added todo
2011-11-05 bsw Added GET /population
2011-11-04 bsw Completed snapshot support for GET /interest, code formatting for GET /event
2011-11-01 bsw Removed already completed todo
2011-11-01 bsw Fixed typo in comment
2011-10-24 bsw Added charset to Content-type header.
2011-10-24 bsw Fixed wrong argument name in nodemailer.send_mail call.
2011-10-24 bsw Fixed wrong file name of sendmail binary (bin->sbin).
2011-10-24 bsw Fixed typo.
2011-10-24 bsw Added charset header to HTML output of registration page.
2011-10-24 bsw Do not set Content-Length for json responses. Needs to be fixed again.
2011-10-24 bsw Replaced mailer by nodemailer for sending emails.HG:' are removed.
2011-10-24 bsw Removed workaround not needed anymore with current node-postgres.
2011-10-20 bsw Added member_ttl, added 'latest' snapshot to interest.
2011-10-20 bsw Added issue order by state_time_left
2011-09-12 bsw 2 small bug fixes
2011-09-10 bsw Initial checkin

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