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8 months ago jbe Added code to suppress compiler warning (writing one byte into region of size 0)default tip
8 months ago jbe Added tag v4.2.2 for changeset 5b7c4082d7b3
8 months ago jbe Version 4.2.2 with geoindices uninstalled by defaultv4.2.2
10 months ago jbe Added tag v4.2.1 for changeset e0b8175fda29
10 months ago jbe Added TODO notice regarding indices on "posting"v4.2.1
10 months ago jbe Removed indices for timeline retrieval (removes dependency on pgConflux); Changed update script to previous version 4.2.0 to enforce particular version of pgConflux; Added update script to skip intermediate dependency on pgConflux
11 months ago jbe Added missing referential integrity constraint on "posting" table

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