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2010-02-06 jbe Added tables allowing frontends to store member-relation, area, issue and suggestion settings
2010-02-06 jbe Copy admission_, discussion_, verification_ and voting_time values into issue
2010-02-06 jbe New snapshot event 'half_freeze' and renamed 'start_of_voting' to 'full_freeze'
2010-02-06 jbe Triggers ensuring that votes can't be modified by a broken frontend after issues have been frozen
2010-02-06 jbe Changed version to "beta19-dev"; Changed year in LICENSE to "2009-2010"
2010-01-30 jbe Tags for beta1 to beta18 added
2010-01-23 jbe Version beta18beta18
2010-01-22 jbe Version beta17beta17
2010-01-13 jbe Version beta16beta16
2010-01-10 jbe Version beta15beta15
2010-01-04 jbe Version beta14beta14
2010-01-02 jbe Version beta13beta13
2010-01-02 jbe Version beta12beta12
2009-12-25 jbe Version beta11beta11
2009-12-10 jbe Version beta10beta10
2009-11-30 jbe Version beta9beta9
2009-11-23 jbe Version beta8beta8
2009-11-18 jbe Version beta7beta7
2009-11-17 jbe Version beta6beta6
2009-11-15 jbe Version beta5beta5
2009-11-15 jbe Version beta4beta4
2009-11-07 jbe Version beta3beta3
2009-11-03 jbe Version beta2beta2
2009-10-27 jbe Version beta1beta1

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