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2 months ago jbe Added JSONB column "attr" to table "unit" for extended attributes of any kinddefault tip
4 months ago jbe Added update script core-update.v4.2.0-v4.2.1.sql
4 months ago jbe Fixed grammar in comment on "unit"."member_weight"
4 months ago jbe Merged fix regarding wrong version number info in core-update.v4.1.0-v4.2.0.sql
4 months ago jbe Removed wrong string "incomplete-update" and wrong revision number -1 from final update script for version 4.2.0
4 months ago jbe Fixed bug in take_snapshot function regarding issue_privilege (use issue_id_p instead of issue_id_v)
4 months ago jbe Bugfix regarding "issue_privilege"."voting_right" in "delegation_chain" function
4 months ago jbe Issue based privileges to override unit based privileges
4 months ago jbe Support for own voting weight other than 1
7 months ago jbe Added tag v4.2.0 for changeset 93e69d1e17ab
7 months ago jbe Updated years in LICENSE filev4.2.0
7 months ago jbe Included hint in README on solving apparently missing data types from extensions
7 months ago jbe Removed transaction around ALTER TYPE for compatibility with older PostgreSQL versions
7 months ago jbe Removed column "content_type" from table "draft_attachment" (Content type is stored in "file" table instead)
7 months ago jbe Added update script to version 4.2.0
7 months ago jbe Added explicit names for text search indices
7 months ago jbe Include column "content_type" of "file" table in UNIQUE index
7 months ago jbe Referential integrity for files: Delete files when last reference is removed
7 months ago jbe Added tables "file" and "draft_attachment"
13 months ago jbe Bugfix in highlight function (use PostgreSQL's built-in "plainto_tsquery" function)
20 months ago jbe Support for hashtag search
21 months ago jbe Revised full text search
21 months ago jbe Fixed wrong constraint "initiative_ids_not_equal" on "battle" table (due to handling of NULLs in CHECK constraints)
21 months ago jbe Removed an index on table "initiative"
21 months ago jbe Reduced indices on "issue" table
21 months ago jbe Renamed indices on issue to match naming convention
21 months ago jbe Added missing index on "member_useterms" table
21 months ago jbe Removed "snapshot_retention" configuration: always delete unused snapshots immediately
22 months ago jbe Added "posting" table and follower concept for members (column "following" in table "contact")
22 months ago jbe Bug in check_issue function fixed, which could lead to non-accepted issues staying open after admission phase has ended
22 months ago jbe Added tag v4.1.0 for changeset b8f106eb5dbf
22 months ago jbe Fixed accidentally modified .hgtags filev4.1.0
22 months ago jbe Updated version number to v4.1.0; Updated years in LICENSE file
22 months ago jbe Added "unsubscribe_secret" column
2018-09-04 jbe Bugfix in function "write_event_initiative_revoked_trigger" (wrong use of SELECT, needs to be PERFORM)
2018-03-04 jbe Introduced "accepted" flag for agents of role/member accounts
2018-03-04 jbe Further work on role accounts (role_verification, real_member_id)
2018-03-02 jbe Bugfix in index "ignored_area_member_id_fkey"
2018-02-22 jbe Support for role accounts
2018-02-22 jbe Merged experimental workaround for missing spatio-temporal index as commented-out section
2017-10-23 jbe Removed comment on hidden applications in "system_application" table
2017-10-23 jbe Split-up "discovery_baseurl" into "base_url" and "manifest_url"
2017-10-02 jbe Bugfix in "expired_token" view: added missing qualifier to avoid authorization codes to be deleted when used
2017-10-01 jbe Experimental workaround for missing spatio-temporal index when looking up recently closed initiatives (with LIMIT) inside a bounding box
2017-09-29 jbe Added tag v4.0.0 for changeset ed3c3d8bd16b
2017-09-29 jbe Set version number to 4.0.0v4.0.0
2017-09-29 jbe Fill new columns "issue_quorum" and "initiative_quorum" of "issue" table in update script to version 4.0.0
2017-09-29 jbe Bugfix in view "unit_member" (wrong ON clause for JOIN)
2017-09-29 jbe New columns "issue_quorum" and "initiative_quorum" for "issue" table
2017-09-28 jbe Removed unused function "calculate_area_quorum" (done by function "issue_admission")
2017-09-27 jbe merge
2017-09-27 jbe Fixed wrong comparison when considering absolute initiative quorum (greater-equal instead greater-than)
2017-09-25 bsw Bug fix in constr_for_delegation on event table
2017-09-25 jbe Bugfix regarding locking when logging initiative revocation (cannot combine DISTINCT with FOR SHARE)
2017-09-25 jbe Bugfix in "take_snapshot" function when determining unit_id
2017-09-25 jbe Added missing WHERE clause in "check_issue" function when updating snapshot IDs of issues
2017-09-21 jbe Changes to "verification" table
2017-09-20 jbe Bugfix in "member_useterms" table: allow multiple entries per member
2017-09-20 jbe Set default for column "accepted" in "member_useterms"
2017-09-18 jbe Added "verification" table to store verification requests

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