annotate moonbridge_io.h @ 158:8ab33bfb47e7

Minimal changes to HTTP module to support interface of new :read(...) method
author jbe
date Wed May 27 02:55:48 2015 +0200 (2015-05-27)
parents 2a5bd37034c6
children 2dd0eea2f5f8
rev   line source
jbe@79 1
jbe@107 2 void moonbr_io_pushhandle(lua_State *L, int fd);
jbe@100 3 void moonbr_io_closehandle(lua_State *L, int idx, int reset);
jbe@98 4 int moonbr_io_tcpconnect(lua_State *L);
jbe@99 5 int moonbr_io_tcpconnect_nb(lua_State *L);
jbe@79 6 int luaopen_moonbridge_io(lua_State *L);
jbe@79 7

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