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Make moonbridge_io.tcplisten(nil, port) accept both IPv6 and IPv4 connections independently of operating system setting; if first argument is non-nil and resolves to an IPv6 address, never accept IPv4 connections
author jbe
date Mon Jan 04 04:09:35 2021 +0100 (12 days ago)
parents b355e259c81e
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2 volatile sig_atomic_t moonbr_io_sigterm_flag;
3 void moonbr_io_pushhandle(lua_State *L, int fd);
4 void moonbr_io_closehandle(lua_State *L, int idx, int reset);
5 int moonbr_io_catch_sigterm(lua_State *L);
6 int luaopen_moonbridge_io(lua_State *L);

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