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6 months ago jbe Fixed longitude wraparound for values equal to or greater than 360 degreesdefault tip
6 months ago jbe Updated C version number in latlon--0.15.sql
6 months ago jbe Created inline function for longitude normalization
6 months ago jbe Prepared file names for version 0.15
6 months ago jbe Added tag v0.14 for changeset 9da49e9278ac
6 months ago jbe Include files for new update path in GNUmakefilev0.14
6 months ago jbe Changed update path to include version 0.13
6 months ago jbe Updated version in README.mkd; Clarification in documentation regarding @> where alias for &&
6 months ago jbe Fixed wrong commutator of epoint <@ ecluster (leading to an unused shell operator of ecluster <@ epoint)
6 months ago jbe Fixed version numbers for new version 0.14
6 months ago jbe Fixed version number in documentation (v0.13)
6 months ago jbe Added tag v0.13 for changeset a5b8024ef5bc
6 months ago jbe Changed constant "FALSE" to "false" to work with newer versions of PostgreSQLv0.13
6 months ago jbe Changed year in LICENSE file
20 months ago jbe Added missing space character in README
20 months ago jbe Fixed comment on OffsetNumber (is smaller than entryvec->n)
2017-12-11 jbe Added tag v0.12 for changeset 3364e7fcdf79
2017-12-11 jbe mergev0.12
2017-12-10 jbe Bugfix in inequality operator for epoint, ebox, and ecircle
2017-12-10 jbe New version 0.12 with same C file (v0009)
2017-11-19 jbe Added tag v0.11 for changeset 133626ff7cb2
2017-11-09 jbe Include system's limits.h to avoid compiler error with PostgreSQL version 10.0v0.11
2017-09-28 jbe Code style: removed a superfluous empty line in file latlon-v0009.c
2017-09-28 jbe Minor fix in documentation regarding GeoJSON_to_ecluster function for GeoJSON indexing
2016-10-31 jbe Added tag v0.10 for changeset 20482d4309b5
2016-10-31 jbe Removed files for old version 0.9v0.10
2016-10-31 jbe Added safety margins for distance calculation on index lookups (fixes bug that caused nearest-neighbor search to fail in certain cases); Improved "fair_distance" function
2016-10-25 jbe Use the term "numerical integration" instead of "Monte Carlo simulation" in documentation and comments (since no real randomness is involved)
2016-10-25 jbe Added tag v0.9 for changeset 3293906ea6a0
2016-10-25 jbe Removed old files (no update script because data should be reimported anyway)v0.9

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