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2016-01-05 jbe Fixed bug due to problem combining luaL_buffinit with seqlua_iterinitdefault tip
2014-08-27 jbe Clarified/simplified examples in README
2014-08-27 jbe Added warning regarding nested/repeated loops to README
2014-08-27 jbe Reverted last two commits
2014-08-26 jbe Included mode argument for seqlua_iterloop in README
2014-08-26 jbe Do not automatically assume that functions passed to ipairs are iterators
2014-08-25 jbe Added Lua version number 5.2 to README file
2014-08-25 jbe Use angle brackets to include seqlualib.h in seqlua_c_example.c and adjusted Makefile accordingly
2014-08-25 jbe Changed introduction in README
2014-08-25 jbe Two changes in README
2014-08-25 jbe Replaced "due to the following reasons" with "due to the following considerations" in README
2014-08-25 jbe In README: clarified that sql_query function in example returns a userdata value
2014-08-25 jbe Minor change in README
2014-08-25 jbe Re-added example for customized iteration behavior
2014-08-25 jbe Removed (wrong) example in README
2014-08-25 jbe Clarified paragraph in README (because there are four functions above, including the local function)
2014-08-25 jbe Fixed third example of "write_lines" in README
2014-08-25 jbe Minor change in README (moved word "though")
2014-08-25 jbe Changed word order in one sentence in README
2014-08-25 jbe Minor changes in introduction of README
2014-08-25 jbe Added section "Motivation" to README
2014-08-24 jbe Removed wrong spaces in example output in README
2014-08-24 jbe Support special return values of __ipairs metamethod (string as first return value)
2014-08-24 jbe Bugfix in seqlua.c
2014-08-24 jbe Changed one sentence in README
2014-08-24 jbe Do not respect __len metamethods
2014-08-23 jbe Mention 3 extra elements on stack in README; Changed order of two instructions in seqlualib.c
2014-08-23 jbe Respect the __ipairs and __len metamethods
2014-08-22 jbe Renamed created filter in README to "alpha_beta_x"
2014-08-22 jbe Modified filter example in README (shows effect on alphabet() too)
2014-08-22 jbe Modified examples for filter function in README
2014-08-22 jbe Curried function "filter" in README
2014-08-21 jbe Macro seqlua_iterloop doesn't automatically pop the value anymore (use seqlua_iterloopauto instead); New function string.concat(sep, seq) introduced
2014-08-21 jbe Removed seqlua_iterclosure header in seqlualib.h
2014-08-21 jbe Removed iterator(...) function; ipairs doesn't accept iterator triplets anymore
2014-08-21 jbe Added TODO to README: iterator triplet approach doesn't work
2014-08-20 jbe Undo previous commit (doesn't work more than once)
2014-08-20 jbe Modified filter example in seqlua_ipairs_example.lua: avoid closure creation in for-loop invocation
2014-08-20 jbe Added coroutine based filter(func, ...) example to new file seqlua_ipairs_example.lua
2014-08-20 jbe Precedence of __call and __index noted in README
2014-08-20 jbe Bugfix: switched raw and meta helper functions
2014-08-20 jbe Removed disabled luaL_checktype(L, 1, LUA_TFUNCTION) call in seqlua.c
2014-08-20 jbe Removed unnecessary creation of closures for callable values (through __call)
2014-08-20 jbe Added TODO: avoid closure creation with seqlua_aux_call in seqlua.c
2014-08-20 jbe More compact coroutine example in README
2014-08-20 jbe Added coroutine example to README
2014-08-20 jbe Extended README to contain example for file:lines() iterator
2014-08-20 jbe Fixed sample output in README (one line for a letter was missing)
2014-08-20 jbe Minor fix in comment in seqlua_c_example_test.lua
2014-08-20 jbe Pass value as argument to __call metamethod
2014-08-20 jbe Reverted last commit and added TODO for first argument to __call
2014-08-20 jbe Allow seqlua_iterinit to modify the value on stack instead of storing an extra element on stack
2014-08-20 jbe Fixed another mistake in documentation of seqlua_iterclosure(L, idx) in README
2014-08-20 jbe Fixed mistake in README: seqlua_iterclosure(L, idx) respects __call, not __ipairs
2014-08-20 jbe Documented seqlua_iterinit's extra element on stack in README
2014-08-20 jbe Added 'require "seqlua"' to second code block in README
2014-08-20 jbe Explain extra lua_pop(L, 1) in README where seqlua_iterloop macro is explained
2014-08-20 jbe Initial commit

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